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Welcome to the website of Longstone Community Council

We represent about 4000 residents who live in most of the parish of Slateford/Longstone, which includes, not just Longstone, but Redhall, Slateford, Kingsknowe and the area around Dovecot Park south of Lanark Road to the river (see plan on the ABOUT US page).

This page will show the latest news and activities. For older news go to our NEWS page.

LCC does not meet in January, April, July or August unless there is urgent business.

Due to a problem with the Secretary's email address he cannot access the information and facilities he needs to operate. Consequently the next scheduled meeting has been cancelled. Any further meetings will be announced here.

Cycle lane on George IV Bridge.
Residents and business on Lanark Rd and Longstone Rd/Inglis Green Road need to be aware that similar cycle lanes are coming to your road. This will prohibit all kerbside parking but designated parking will be allowed outwith the cycle lane. LCC has not been consulted about these changes. Not all LCC members oppose the proposal but some believe them unjustified and are concerned about traffic congestion. LCC does not endorse the views of the 'South West Edinburgh in motion' Facebook Group, but is content to await developments.' In addition, the speed limit on Lanark Road will be reduced to 30 mph.
Work has started on remarking Lanark Road.

Redhall Grove
From midday on 30 Dec, Redhall Grove will be closed to all vehicular traffic except for staff access to their car park and exempt vehicles. Delayed by weather?

A student at Heriot Watt University sudying travel probelms faced by people over 55 would like those interested to complete a survey. Go to this link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=8l9CbGVo30Kk245q9jSBPSVlrczG3QtFiAcnAhG4tRNUMk8wWFNURkYzVTVVSTNSQktMSTdWTTNHUi4u

Remembrance Sunday

LCC held its ceremony, observing social distancing at the war memorial on Sunday 8 November 2020. Des Loughney's address and a picture of the wreaths is on the NEWS page. 16 people attended, one a piper. 

ReDrawing Edinburgh

Edinburgh Council is comemorating the expansion of the City boundaries 100 years ago. An exhibition about it went live yesterday. The link to that is here: https://www.capitalcollections.org.uk/view-item?i=51114
Longstone was one of areas added. The Lord Provost has recorded a message on the matter; go to https://youtu.be/O2qWBButbm8

Flooding in Redhall Park
    Investigations have now shown that a blockage caused a well-flowing pipe to overflow. The blockage has been cleared and a new inspection chamber built over a critical junction where field drains from the Park joined the pipe. The source of the water flowing in this pipe, which runs along the north side of the Park, is unknown at present. Investigations will continue. Unfortunmately there is still some flooding in the Park which LCC has asked to be investigated.

Until about 1968, the subway under the canal ('The Tunnel') was the only way to cross the canal, but since then the foorbridge has replaced it. The subway has since become flooded for a reason yet to be found. The history of the subway and it use by local people would be of interest, so could any who have recollections contact the secretary? Photo below is of the south entrance. 

LCC has refurbished the outdoor classroom at Longstone Primary School. It was first erected in 2007 in memory of Duncan Colquhoun (see photo of classroom and new plaque below).

If you are concerned about the security of your home, note that Police Community officers can provide home and business crime prevention surveys free of charge. Call 01786 289070. 

A report on LCC's Remembrance Ceremony on 11 Nov 2018 is on our NEWS page.

See NEWS for result of 2019 election for LCC.

For meetings and events see the DIARY page.

Close your street for play events

Do you want to arrange a street closure for a children’s play event in your street? Playing Out is a pilot scheme that runs from July to October 2016 that lets you close your street for free.

For more information on Playing Out contact

Email: cf.play@edinburgh.gov.uk

If you can't get to a City library, make use of this free bus service run by the RVS

You can choose your books and enjoy a coffee and a chat before being taken home again.

Or use the Home delivery service or the Mobile library service, which visits care homes, retirement flats and sheltered housing complexes.

For the Water of Leith Conservation Trust go to their website.

Residents should note that a local forum called Nextdoor allows them to keep in touch with neighbours, local events and issues. The LCC Secretary is a member of the Nextdoor 'Kingsknowe' group.

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